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Measuring Success in data Science

TL;DR: Success in data science is inversely proportional to the number of times the same steps are repeated.

Gartner says 85% of the big data projects fail (1). They also say only 20% of the analytics insights deliver business outcomes. VentureBeat says 87% of data science projects never make...

Working with a Neato Lidar

help A lidar measures distance to the nearest object in-front of the sensor. For e.g., a lidar mounted on a robot can be used to detect obstacles in the path. A lidar is more expensive but provides better accuracy and range than other methods such as

Control a RC car with Raspberry Pi


In this post, I will describe the setup to control an RC car with Raspberry Pi (RPi). The control process will be manual (no intelligence yet); basically login into RPi with SSH and use keyboard to control the movements.

In the next posts I am targeting...

Heart Rate monitor using Raspberry Pi and Pulse sensor

There are several heart rate monitors available in the market but I wanted to make something cheap (already owned Raspberry Pi) and one that can be wall-powered for continuous use. Currently, it is sitting on my desk and I can measure my pulse anytime by putting my finger on the...

Reddit comments - Speed matters

TLDR: The faster you comment on a post, more likely it is going to be top scoring comment.

There are several social networks, where anonymous people put out their views (in form of comments) on a topic. Other users can upvote(agree), downvote (disagree), or do nothing (no opinion, desire, or...